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3 Best Color Office Copier Machines

Small business owners always face a lot of challenges when making decisions on which machines to purchase or to lease a copier to make work easier. At all times, there is a long list of possibilities, which always includes a colour office copier and printers.

Not so long ago these two would have to be purchased separately as the copier leasing machine cannot do what printing machines perform, and vice versa. However, in today’s market, you can get these functions in one item plus extra features like scanning, fax messages sending, downloading, sending and receiving emails, and even storing codes for items and accounts.

If you are one of those who need help in making that “important decision” for your business, this review will be of the top digital office copiers available in the market. Aside from budget, take a close look at each item and choose one that suits your needs. A lot of these machines offer different features which can help cut office costs, at the same time improve work productivity. There are even items that offer biometric authentication for security while a few more have wireless connectivity and image editing functions.

HP Office Jet Pro 8710 All-in-One Wireless Printer

Here is a tabletop machine that can do the printing job for you anytime, even when you are on the go. This copy machine can deliver both the classic black and white print and coloured prints; 22ppm printing in black, and 18ppm for coloured printing. With its wireless printing feature, you can direct your prints using Airprint app right from any smart device. It will cut costs in the office as it offers great functions as well as allow more than one worker to connect to it.  You can also easily monitor your prints through its 2.65” touchscreen monitor. If you are running a business that keeps confidential papers, then this one is perfect for you because it features an HP private print feature.  

3 Best Color Office Copier Machines

Brother DCPL2550DW Monochrome Copier and Printer

One of the most sought-after in the market today is this dynamic machine. It can do both scanning and printing for coloured and black-and-white prints while offering great work capacity with its document feeder that can hold up to 50 sheets and bulk printing for 250 sheets. A versatile printer, it also works even on envelopes and card stocks. For small businesses which use an Ethernet network, this allows users within your network to connect and print anytime. Using smart devices, direct your printing on the go.

Canon Color image CLASS MF733Cdw

If you are looking for speed and quality in one copier machine to lease, this Canon device is best for you. It promises to deliver your print in 9 seconds or even less. Thanks to its speed capacity of 28ppm, it can do bulk printing for 850 sheets; definitely, a must for marketing materials. The toner is a high capacity which means less interruption from work for replacements. Like other machines, this also provides printing in black-and-white presentations and coloured ones as well as performing duplex scans and prints. Print anywhere using wireless connectivity with it when needed and it allows more than one user to connect to it.

The success of your business is often directed by the colour office copier that you are using. These machines will make work easier for you and your workers while cutting costs and time needed to complete a task. Make a sound decision today, know what you need and get what you need.

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