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7 Interesting Facts and Figures Regarding Printer/Copier Upkeep

Technology is designed to simplify our lives. But then, it requires proper maintenance which is also the same with printers or copiers. The printer or copier is similar to other office suppliers that demand proper cleaning, care, and updates. Even if you’re not a professional, it’s good to know you could manage printer or copier maintenance and care. Moreover, get ready with the figures too regarding printer maintenance and care.

Below are so far the 7 interesting facts and figures regarding printer/copier upkeep.

Maintenance Agreements Come With Usual Service Checkups

The maintenance service agreement is bought as protection in the purchase of a photocopier. In this sense, the majority of maintenance agreements have usual service checkups following the estimated volume copy. With the higher volume copy in the agreement, the usual copy fee lowers automatically. It is better to avoid spending much by establishing the monthly and average volume of a copy of your business. Carry this one before you enter into the copier service agreement.

The moment the printer faces a mechanical problem, it is the maintenance agreement that will cover the service technician’s cost. This is true in the repair of the machine. The standard agreement for the maintenance service will include both the remedial and preventive repair tasks such as unscheduled repair calls and scheduled service calls. In the contract, the maintenance service will cover the labor, and transportation cost, including the operating supplies, and replacement parts.

Paper Jam, Overheating, and the Like Cause Printer Maintenance

Copier maintenance is demanded if the following issues occur. These can include guzzling ink, paper jam, and overheating. As with paper jam, it is attributed to an error committed by a user. The paper jam that frequently arises may bring damage to the internal components of a photocopier warranting the demand for a costly repair. 

Guzzling ink is another reason for printer upkeep or maintenance. This is true if the copier goes through an ink easily without receiving regular care as part of the usual maintenance schedule. Some models would make use of more ink as compared to others. The use of tracking ink could monitor the ink that guzzles to monitor a more complex issue. 

Overheating is another issue with the copier or printer. The copier’s LED panel displays a warning message if it is already overheating as it could mean danger. An overheating copier would mean it requires immediate attention.

Preventative Maintenance Essential in Protecting Printer/Copier

Reduce the repair and maintenance costs on your copier and printer/copier by giving the machine some tender, love, and care it requires every day. Clean and inspect the photocopier thoroughly regularly with thorough internal cleaning. Do this once every year. The complete yearly cleaning includes cleaning the filters, rollers, and paper path. As with daily maintenance and care, it includes wiping out paper dust, clearing paper jams, removing paper drawers, checking for some paper stuck inside them, closing drawers and doors, checking a toner level, and cleaning glass and rollers.

Focus on the Paper Loading Is Also Essential

Do not shove the paper right through the printer. Because if you do so, the paper jams will arise more frequently. It is better to just load dry paper. 

Doing Simple Maintenance Tasks Yourself Save Time

If you know how to best handle printer/copier maintenance tasks, you will save more time and you return to work easily. If you will clean your printer, you just have to utilize microfiber cloth. Moist some wipes when removing fingerprints, smudges, and dust on the printer bed. 

If there are stains or smudges of ink in areas, it means to say the paper rolls are dirty. What is next to be done is to open the printer and wipe the paper path or rollers with an alcohol wipe. The wipe must not leave any debris or shreds behind or you end up with smudges later on. 

Increase of More Than 10% in the Maintenance Fee

The fee for printer/copier maintenance or upkeep usually increases by 10%. This is about the contract date every year. This is because the amount of the service increases the same as the wear and tear. This also includes a copier with parts that are long enough or more difficult to find. If you want, you can have the price fixed at the beginning of the contract. This can keep the click rate and maintenance at a similar price for a contract term. 

Upgrades on the Machine

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You may likewise demand a machine upgrade. It will now be discussed as the hidden costs. It might lead you frustrated upon receiving a bill and seeing charges you’re probably not aware of. But, you just have to become financially aware of this one. 

So, keep these 7 interesting facts and figures regarding printers!