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Best Practices for Caring for Your Copier

Caring for the copier is crucial in most business and office settings where productivity is an absolute cornerstone. Failure to extend the needed care will result in your machine working less efficiently. This scenario will eventually lead to poor quality outputs carried out at a slower rate. What is more, you will face frequent repairs and maintenance. 

Fortunately, critical practices will help ensure that your copier functions optimally, keeping your team productive and efficient. These practices are very doable and can be accomplished quickly, so don’t waste time and do your copier machine a favor. 

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Recommended Ways to Take Care of your Copier 

Your copier is a valuable investment since this plays an essential role in performing different functions in your workplace. Considering its value, it is imperative to take proper care of your copier to ensure that it will operate at the highest efficiency rate. The following are recommended ways to take care of your copier and ensure its top condition: 

  • Clean Your Copier Regularly

When talking about cleaning your copier, it isn’t all about the scuff marks and aesthetic smudges close to it. Cleaning is about creating a difference in your copier’s performance. This means cleaning the glass thoroughly and keeping project results at their best. 

Paper jams can reduce the ultimate performance of your copier, so these should be resolved instantly. Vacuum out your drawers and eliminate any paper lint and dust including the rogue staples that fall through some parts of the copier. Eliminate liquids and particles and prevent them from getting close to your copy machine because this can cause damage. Post signs telling people that drinks and foods are prohibited in the copy room. 

  • Use the Right Quality Products 

Use quality products such as papers. Make sure that papers are appropriately kept in a clean, dry place. By doing so, it will greatly reduce dust, shavings and paper debris inside the copier. This could mean minimal internal maintenance required. Loading papers properly is also one way of caring for your copier since papers are not forced into the feeder or paper tray. 

  • Turn off your Copier When Not in Use 

Make sure to turn your copier off when not in use or put your machine in hibernation mode. Turning off your machine limits energy use and prolongs your copier’s lifespan. Leaving your copier off isn’t all about reduced energy cost but also about the health of your copier and the quality of prints. 

  • Schedule Regular Maintenance

 Your copier must be serviced and maintained regularly to ensure its top shape. Giving your copier machine regular maintenance will cut down trips to repair shops. Regular maintenance is also a key to improving your copier’s performance. 

  • Choose the Best Managed Copier Services 

Above all, choosing the best managed copier service is an excellent practice for caring for your copier. Such a move will guarantee your copier’s good performance and success in many future projects. The best partner is completely familiar with their machines, so they know how to match you with the right solutions. 

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