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Common Copier Problems and How To Fix It?

A photocopier is a device that replicates documents onto multiple sheets of paper. It is a valuable tool in the realm of printing for offices, schools, and other institutions.

Despite their usefulness, all machines are subject to problems, and photocopiers are no exception. Common issues with photocopiers can arise in any environment, especially if the machine is frequently used. 

To minimize downtime and repair costs, it is beneficial to know how to troubleshoot common issues with photocopiers. Being informed about the typical problems that occur with photocopiers can help you quickly and effectively address them.

  1. Paper Jams

One common issue that occurs with photocopiers is paper jams. This typically happens while the machine is in use and can be caused by various factors such as paper that is not aligned properly, too loose, or due to a worn sponge. To resolve this problem, you should open the interior of the copier and carefully remove the jammed paper. The location of the paper jam can be identified by looking at the LCD screen.

  1. Clear Error

Occasionally, errors may occur on photocopiers due to improper use or incorrect settings. A clear error function can be utilized to solve this issue, but it is not always present on all photocopiers and may not necessarily resolve the problem directly. To try and fix the problem, you can try the following method: 

Common Copier Problems and How To Fix It?
  • Press the 28 buttons on the panel while simultaneously pressing the number keys 2 and 8.
  • Navigate to Copier – Function – Clear – Err and select OK. 
  • Afterwards, turn off the copier and then turn it back on.
  1. Striped Printout

Another issue that may arise is the appearance of lines on the printouts. This can happen due to scratches on the scanner glass or the presence of dust or dirt within the glass.

This problem can be easily resolved by cleaning the glass with a microfiber cloth or cleaning solution. These are just some of the common problems that can occur with photocopiers. While some issues may be fixed by the user, others may require the assistance of a technician.

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