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Major Design Upgrade of Epson Expression ET-2750

The latest product of the EcoTank model of Epson is the ET-2750. The Epson Expression ET-2750 has undergone changes to the design of the box and the way that the ink is transferred from the bottles to the tank. Previously the ink tank, used by the printer, looked like an afterthought, as it jutted out from the side of the printer in the worst way. Epson has since then created the ink tank directly attached to the main body of the printer. The result gave a similar appearance to that scene when the ink cartridges were in use. You now have more smooth lines and a more compact shape. 

The previous method of transferring ink from the bottles to the tank was very straightforward, but accidents could happen, like the ink spilling on your clothes. The new bottle design and the appropriate slot in the tank has a docking mechanism that will make sure accidents won’t happen. There is also no need to squeeze the bottle to facilitate the transfer of the ink to the cyan, black, yellow, and magenta sections of the tank. The package includes two bottles of black pigment ink and three bottles that are covering magenta, cyan, and tallow dye ink. This is enough to print 14,000 pages in black and 5,200 pages in color. 

The new design concept of ET-2750 gives you a predominant black rectangular box that measures 370 x 345 x 240 mm. The standard arrangement is adhered to with an A4 flatbed scanner mounted on top of the printer that is supported by a paper output tray. The paper is fed from the rear, and a memory card slot is found on the left front of the printer while see-through panels are found on the opposite side as it gives a guideline to the current capacity of each ink tank. 

An adjustable panel is found on the front of ET-2750, and it can be set at the best angle to suit your view when you access the printer’s various features. This control panel is based around an LCD display screen showing the menu options and the status messages. Placed on the right of the screen is a navigation cross plus buttons to show possible solutions, the stop/start operations, the apply functions, and the return to the previous screen. On the left of the screen are the power and Home buttons. 

Setting up the ET-2750 and the software that is included in it is very straightforward even though a bit of patience is needed as the initialization on the printer can take about 10 minutes with a progress bar giving feedback. The supplied CD-ROM will lead you through the progress as you follow the on-screen prompts. However, the entry of the wireless LAN password which needs scrolling backward and forwards through the alphabet to select the needed letters. 

The print driver supplied with the printer has a range of features, including those to print in qualities that are designated as Standard, Draft, and High. These three print qualities were tested by experts; they produce monochrome and color documents, and different ranges of speed. The printer supports automatic double-sided, and it is capable of producing photo prints with options for print size and paper type. 

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