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Overlooked and Critical Questions to Ask Before Leasing a Copier

When buying office equipment and printing materials, the canvass affirms what’s the best, and you may negotiate the deal. According to economic strategy, leasing is fitter than buying. Buying becomes a benefit for the long term, while for lease, you get a much cheaper and economical outlay for a while. 

Copier leasing is similar to house rent. Renting is not only for the device. However, it comes along with the copier leasing services they offered. But what are the missed and criticizing questions to ask before leasing a copier?


The first basic question in leasing a copier is the price for the rental of the machines and the firm’s services. Each firm differs in prices as they also vary in their services. They could range from $100 to $300 per month. One must choose a firm that suits their budget and needs.

Printed Colors

The machine’s quality is shown in the great color images or texts it prints. Color gives significance to the type of machine a copier lease offers. 

Wireless Printing

Nowadays, we live in a society where all gadgets are in a portable design, which you may ask for an accessible or wireless copier. Some manufacturers offer applicable apps to download, monitor, and configure the feature interface. 

Enhance Feature

When talking about the upgrade feature, ask for an increment in the leasing fee. You may ask your copier leasing company if they offer a standard feature that would be fitting on your preferred design without the need to upgrade.

Model of device

The different devices offer different models. Machines make significant changes in output. Here are the different types of copying devices: 

  • Inkjet – to differentiate other devices, lasers are the ones needing more time in restoring paper and ink. They can also be considered time-consuming as they are slower in printing copies. 
  • Lasers – can be used for colorful presentation and paper texts. This device makes more copies and much faster than the other. 
  • Digitals – Most digital device brands are Xerox, Sharp, Canon, Toshiba, HP, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, and many others. They have a bigger scanner and memory for storing files. They can remember too many documents that they produce hundreds of copies. 

Office Needs

Services offered should suffice one’s demand. Would their machine suffice your company needs? Before the leasing contract, this question should not be left on topic. The leasing copier firm should be informed if they can get their workload done with the time frame demand. 


Just like any other machines, copiers have downtime. Any firm should be prepared with such scenarios. It should be specifying a written agreement for any events to happen and their back-up plans. They might give references if their plans do not work out. 

End of contract

Typically, copier leasing services end their contract after a year or 24 months. Like a phone plan, the leasing company may offer discounts after the said contract. They valued their customers and made amendments to lower their monthly rates. 


If you have plans to renew your contract, make sure to check their renewal plans. Not every firm offers the same contract with their old customers. You may get an outdated device from what you previously had. Thus, ensure to check your renewal contract before confirming.

With the lists to ponder and to think when leasing, the good news is that copier leasing in San Antonio has the same enlistment for such services. Copier leasing services in San Antonio like Clear Choice Technical Services have the same features with the best deals to offer for their customers. They also offer a full warranty from their professional workers. Hoping you might get things straight after reading this.