Office Copiers for Lease

If your business needs a copier but you’re not sure you can afford to buy, leasing may be a better option. Here are a few things to consider before you decide to lease a copier.

Leasing vs. buying: what’s the better deal? Leasing isn’t necessarily less expensive than buying.

Is a package deal right for you? Some companies will give you a lease agreement that includes an extended warranty, service contract, and toner, paper and other consumables for a single monthly rate. While this might seem like a good deal, it often works out to more than you need to pay.

Extra usage charges? Some companies will charge extra for heavy usage of office equipment. This can be problematic when you’re leasing a copier, as these often undergo very heavy regular use in most offices.

Is a buy-out lease right for you? Buy-out leases allow the lessee to own the equipment at the end of the lease period. Your dealer may allow you to trade it in for a new copier, but some dealers will mark up the price of new equipment to compensate for the trade-in discount.

Is this the right dealer? Be sure you choose a dealer with a reputation for fast service.

What’s the shortest term lease you can afford? Technology is advancing every day-and you’ll want flexibility when it comes to major equipment like copiers. To avoid being stuck with an obsolete piece of equipment, get the shortest-term lease your budget allows.

Leasing isn’t the best deal for everyone. But if you’re concerned about having the cash or credit to buy, it’s a good option. With the right terms, leasing a copier may be a perfect deal for you.

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