Office Space Photocopier

No office can be considered complete without a photocopier. In fact, no office should be without a photocopier machine ready for use. Office photocopiers are so important that the lack of this valuable resource can be a major flaw in any office system. The advantage of having these machines is that they not only do work fast, but they do it quite affordably as well. This is accomplished all thanks to its unique duplication technology that allows you to create duplicates of a single document instantly and cheaply.

Since office photocopiers do not use the same printing technology as desktop printers, they do not consume the expensive ink used by printers, and often produce output at much faster rates than normal printers and in larger quantities too. These are the factors that are the key reasons why office photocopiers have become an integral part of businesses.

The purpose of a photocopier shines when it does what it does best, make copies. This is accomplished by manipulating positive and negative charges that create an electric decal which determines what parts of a page will be printed on and what remains blank. This process takes just a few moments and can be repeated very easily. From creating enough copies of memos that have to be distributed to all employees in the entire building, to creating fliers to be distributed to thousands of people, nothing makes copies faster than a photocopier machine. When making a large quantity of duplicates using a photocopier, an office is able to save a lot of time, money and other valuable resources.

As previously mentioned, photocopiers do not consume the same kind of ink as printers do. Printers often use a powder based ink in order to print, this is cheaper and can produce more copies than its equivalent in ink cartridges.

While the effort to create an extra copy of a few pages may not be worth the trip from the working cubicle to the office photocopier, creating large quantities of duplicates on the photocopier instead of the printer will certainly save a lot of money for your office.

Speed is one of the primary reasons why photocopiers are still widely used in offices today. From the moment that the original source is placed on the scanning glass, making copies is literally just a couple of button presses away. You can have over hundred copies of a document in minutes with some office photocopiers. This advantage is best supported by features such as multiple feeding trays that automate the process of organizing pages together. Of course, office photocopiers will not staple or bind the pages automatically for you.

Office photocopiers can also serve as process checkpoints in the office. As photocopiers often have multiple loading trays for queuing documents that span multiple pages, different personnel can collaborate on a single multi-page document by each taking the responsibility of making a certain page then later feeding it in order to the machine. Office photocopiers can easily take these separate documents, make duplicates and arrange them in precise order.