Photocopier Dealers

Photocopier Tabs are amazing in that the purpose they fill is one that saves loads of time which equates to money in the fast pace world of office administration, and document production. Imagine for one second that you have a training manual to duplicate and it has 12 sections. The completed manual will be housed in folders for each trainee and loose leaf so that various parts and pages can be easily updated.

Well under normal circumstances you would need to run the copies through a collator if you are lucky enough to have one attached to your existing copier. The manual would collate and sort the copies for you into separate sorted trays ready for collection. At this point it would depend on what technology and what your internal office process is.

With a copier that has tabs, the whole process changes. Well not the entire process but the part that involves the sorting and collating. This amazing addition to your office abilities allows you to pre-print tabs that would normally be done at a printer or manually, to be inserted into your training folder to separate the various training sections. By following manufacturer’s instructions, and the various layout guidelines in the tabs package, you will be able to get the machine to insert the tabs where they should be positioned throughout each folder.

There are many manufacturers who produce the range of photocopiers that can handle such innovation. They include Canon, Heidelberg, Hitachi, IBM, Kodak, Kyocera, Minolta, Nexpress, Océ, Pitney Bowes, Aficio, Gestetner, Savin, Ricoh, Lanier, Xerox, Konica, DocuTech, and Toshiba. Each of the manufacturers has its own machine and own instructions. Sure, using photocopier tabs provides a whole new cost-cutting exercise, but there are some things that you need to consider when thinking about using them in your office.

You need to assess what type of tabs your photocopier allows you to use, and if you have yet to buy the copier that you need, refer to manufacturer’s guidelines, of the machines you are considering.

Better still, speak to your dealer about the requirements you have for printing photocopier tabs. The way that each set of tabs collates can be different, and there are many available off the shelf. You will also need to determine between single reversed collated style and double reversed style, for the type of machine you will be using. Another consideration would be whether you needed three-hole tabs or five-hole tabs for your folders. Obviously it would be a problem if you purchased and printed three-hole tabs, for five-ring folders.

Overall the functionality here is incredible. It really makes things a lot simpler and a lot cheaper for the small to mid sized company or home office, the opportunity to control more of their output. It also allows for the finished product to be as close to a professional finish as is possible. Talk with your local dealer or distributor and ask all of the questions you need to ask. Make sure to take a list of the questions you have, and also some ideas as to how you will using the machine, and let the specialist direct to the copier that best suits your needs.