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How to fix copier paper feed problem

Many individuals who have copier machines have encountered usual errors on their copier paper feed. With this, not knowing how to fix it properly may waste time and energy. Having the right knowledge of its solutions will help you reserve your time, money, and energy. With this article, you will be informed on how to fix the copier feed problem.

Point 1. Easy Solutions

If you encounter a problem with your machine like jamming, the right thing is to know the location. It is about knowing the area of the paper jamming. What specific tray did the problem occur? Also, determining the paper jam’s size and length is a must—machines having many paper trays. The right thing to do is to have the trays switch places. After doing it, you may clean its rollers. In changing the cassettes, it is a must to make sure that copiers fit the right size. By doing this, jamming will be prevented. 

Point 2. How to know if your rollers create the problem?

The first thing to do is to create one copy to your tray that makes the paper jamming. In this way, you will know the location of the paper jamming. If you found out that the jamming exists on the paper tray or in the cassette area, this is the thing you will do. You must remove the tray. Then, use a flashlight to shine in the area of the paper feed. By doing this, you will know if there are pieces of paper blocking the path of the paper. After performing this step, one can do the cleaning of the feed. In doing the cleaning, avoid the use of alcohol. Using alcohol will make the tread dry. With this, the tread that remains may be ripped off. 

How to clean these rollers?

In cleaning these rollers, you will need a flashlight. This will help you in locating the kind of rollers that results in feeding your paper. Then, get a towel and fill it with cleaning liquid. You will begin to clean these rollers. Make sure that in spinning, you will not be missing parts of the surfaces. After this step, use a dry towel to go over this part. 

Point 3. Other options in having your feed rollers replaced

A thing that is famously known as a tape of the feed roller may help you. By using this, you need to have the adhesive peeled off. Then, wrapping it on the surface of the roller that is worn out is the next step. Some tapes can do the stretching over into your older rollers. 

Several kinds of rollers with their systems are available. Also, it is a note to remember that these rollers have their maintenance box that may need a replacement. 


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